lokkt is a new approcah to self storage customer experience and operations.

putting the customer expeirence first by giving them the tools they want, to make the decisions they want, with the technology they want, when they want.

enabling operators to mange their facilities securely from anywhere in the world on nearly any device!

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simple . secure . access

operators and customers have consistent needs. a tool that is simple, secure and accessible.

It is so Easy!


No more physical locks, no more lost keys, no more calls to retrieve your access code. Your phone is your key... and everything else!

Locked Down


lokkt is built from the ground up to run in the Amazon Cloud, granting you the same security fitting of an online retail giant!



No one wants to be tethered down to a computer when time is of the essence, so we built lokkt mobile first. No PC required!



Mobile is great, but sometimes it is so much easier to get work done on a computer. lokkt runs on any PC with a browser, enjoy the Big Screen!

Stop losing.
Start winning.

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